Transfer reservation tickets to anyone through IRCTC

After booking the ticket through the official ticket booking website (IRCTC) of Indian Railways, you can transfer it now. Many times it happens that we book tickets and we can not travel for some reason. According to the rules of cancellation or cancellation of Indian Railways, the confirmation ticket is canceled only 24 hours before traveling, and for this, it is charged according to the category.

According to the new rules of railways, if you can not travel for some reason, you can transfer your confirmed ticket up to 24 hours before the date of travel. Please also tell you that you can take advantage of this service only once. Today we are going to tell you all the information related to this rule. How can this service be leveraged and how can this service be used?

To change the name of the traveler follow this step.

  • First print out the ticket
  • Go to your nearest railway station
  • Take the original ID proof with the person to transfer the ticket
  • Apply to change the name of the passenger on the ticket from the counter officer.

Tickets can also be transferred to family member

According to IRCTC’s new rules, you can now transfer tickets to your family members as well. For this, you will have to show your ID proof by going to the nearest Reservation Desk with the print out of the ticket and you will also have to show proof of blood relation from the person you want to transfer your ticket. After this the Counter Officer will transfer tickets to you. Please note that this facility can be taken 24 hours before traveling.

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