11 Best Free casual games for Android available on Google Play Store

Sometimes we do not want to spend a lot of time clinging to the smartphone. There are lots of great games on the Play Store but they can sometimes get tiresome from absorbing us.

That being said, the list we have today includes 11 of the most casual games you can find in the Google Play Store. These are games that do not require much of your attention and are titles that help you relax.

Being casual and simple games, we’re not talking about super heavyweight titles that take up a lot of space on your smartphone. In addition, they are titles with good rankings and completely free.

11 free casual games to relax during the day

Twist Hit!

Ava Airborne

Gold mountain


Let me out

Paper Toss

One More Line



Pirate Kings ™

I highly recommend Ava Airborne because although it is simple in gameplay, it is beautiful in the visual aspect. The whole game features a clean and minimalist design.

Control small Ava as she flies through the levels collecting items and deflecting from enemies. Despite its mechanics, the game is quite relaxing as you will witness.

I can also mention the Atomas, a puzzle game based on atoms as the name indicates. Your goal is to fuse atoms so you can create precious elements like gold, platinum, and silver.

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