There’s something new in the Play Store for you to spare! Have you found it yet?

Eventually, they never thought much about it. Still, know that we tend to spend more money on an online store without noticing it in a physical store. This happens especially when we buy several applications. To put an end to these shocks in our portfolio Google has a novelty that will help us to be more sparing in the Play Store.

New feature in Play Store will help us spend a lot less

That said, you can set a budget but only on an Android phone or tablet. On a computer, it will not be possible. The operating mode is simple. All you have to do is go to the Google Play menu and then choose the Account option. Then look for Order History. This is exactly where you can set the budget limit. In practice let’s choose how much we want to spend each month.

From then on, whenever we buy an app on the Google Play Store, we’ll get a message indicating if we’re close to reaching that limit. In the meantime, we can change or remove budgets and check how much we spent, in exactly the same section where we were on top.

Please note that Google will not stop us from shopping if we exceed the budget.

Obviously, this would not be in the best interest of the search engine giant. However, the alerts that we are close to reaching the budget or until we have already surpassed it can make all the difference. At least it helps us to be more careful.

In fact, seeing how much we spend on apps and add-ons every month can help us discourage new purchases.

This new functionality is being phased in. That being said, it is likely that you do not yet have this option available.

This function is not really a novelty in the world of smartphones. In fact, it is quite similar to Apple’s iTunes Allowances. This feature of the apple giant allows parents to create monthly credits for their children to spend on purchases on the App Store and the iTunes Store.

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