Now You Will Be Able To Hide Comments From Others On Twitter

Social networks are the biggest points of information and communication today. (And also misinformation …) After all, just look at the speed with which the news spread through these platforms.

Thus, in counterpart, there are also many negative points in the way information is shared. That being the case, as with any online platform, there are always huge haters and trollers ready to shake their targets.

This demonstrates Twitter’s effort to make its entire platform less toxic. Giving your users more control over posts and comments about them.

According to Twitter:

“Starting in June, we’ll experiment with ways to give people more control over their conversations, giving them the option to hide responses to their Tweets.”

Curiously, Facebook and Instagram already give these and many more capabilities to its users.

However, there are also negative points in the control of comments

Especially when it comes to wrong information, where the creator of it may not want to change his mind or even do so on purpose.

That said, Twitter has automatic tools, to look for abusive and problematic tweets. A necessary improvement, which proved to be much more effective than the teams that were doing the same job.

Now the content is searched automatically and delivered to the human teams for review before any platform action on them.

In short, it seems that Twitter will bring some features that increase the ability to control, the user. What, although tardies are always good news.

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