Why do I prefer Linux rather than Windows?

A distant past

25 years ago, today’s Linux was not a friendly system, it was a system used by technicians. I remember my school days between 2000 and 2001, in the computer course, where I had a discipline that I gave Linux, and much of the material showed the importance of using the system for certain functions, such as data recovery in Windows systems and where the terminal had an important role. Even today I have the photocopies of the commands that were given at the time. At that time, thinking of Linux as an operating system to use at home, was out of the question.

We are in 2019 and use Linux as the operating system at home, it is a very valid and friendly option to replace the traditional Windows. The enormous effort of the community to disseminate and develop a practical and modern operating system for anyone with little or no technical knowledge was extremely important for this development. So that idea of ​​being a difficult system to use, only for technicians, is a thing of the past.

Why I use Linux

Because it is free and free. It only costs the download time to be done and this will depend on your internet service. It can be used freely, edited and improved source code, which helps in the correction and detection of errors or viruses, yes, Linux also has viruses, but as it is open source, it becomes more secure. Many forget that a computer connected to the internet is like a house with the door open. Unlike Windows it is necessary to install an antivirus and a firewall at least, Linux does not have this requirement because it offers a better separation between user and administrator, the system itself is prepared to be more difficult to be infected by viruses or backdoors and the updates to the system, reinforce this. Finally, it works on any hardware. I have installed on several computers and laptops, since the Pentium 4.

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