Do Not leave Your Children in Front of SmartPhone or Tablet Screen Says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) released some recommendations last week that pointed out how much physical activity and how much rest children under five years should have so that they are as healthy as possible. And this includes the use of mobile phones and tablets.

These recommendations include fairly restrictive time limits for mobile devices, particularly for those under the age of two. Young people in this age group should avoid using these devices at any cost. Children between the ages of two and five may use the appliances for a maximum of one hour.

These guidelines seem to reflect the shift in thinking about the risks of using these devices, with the American Pediatric Association saying that the quality of what children watch, or whether they are interacting with parents while watching, is more important than time of use.

WHO’s the goal is to get children to develop healthy habits as early as possible. “What we really want is to bring the games back to the kids,” said Juana Willumsen, who heads the WHO obesity and physical activity area in a statement.

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