Where to download Nintendo Switch games for free

Do you want to download Nintendo Switch games? Are you looking for Switch games to download for free? Here is the guide on how to download Switch games

Nintendo Switch

ISO Switch Games

Over the last few days I’ve received some emails in which TechKhiladi readers have asked me for advice on sites that allow you to download Nintendo Switch games in NSP and XCI formats (formats compatible with current changes and current hacks for this console).

Personally I do not own the Nintendo Switch, but I know that many users, not only Italians, have bought this console and use it to play and have fun with friends and family.

And many of these users have made the change to the Nintendo Switch console so you can start games downloaded from the internet in a totally free.


Making the change to the Switch is not difficult and just a few simple steps (and an external hardware device, which is sold online at a very low price) to start unauthorized code (such as games downloaded from the internet) on the small portable console of Nintendo.

The biggest problem for many users is that many users do not know where to find, look for and download Switch games in XCI and NSP format.

And so in this guide I will try to show you which are the best sites currently working to download XCI Switch games for free. 

Note: from TechKhiladi you will not find any direct links to these ROM Switch portals, which are probably illegal. I limited myself to doing a search on the internet and to visit these sites to understand if they are safe, if they do download viruses or malware, if they are updated and similar. If you download free Switch games from these portals, do so at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. 

Games Switch download: the best sites updated to 2019

After a short but necessary introduction, here is the list of sites to download free XCI Switch and NSP games. 

The sites are not in a specific order, they all have more or less the same catalog and allow you to download Switch games.

Try them all and trust what you prefer to download Switch games for free. 

  • darkumbra.net/forums/forum/195-switch-games/ (need registration for free)
  • https://switchrls.club/
  • https://nxbrew.com/ – YOU NEED A VPN TO ACCESS
  • https://switch-xci.com/ – YOU NEED A VPN TO ACCESS
  • https://switchbunker.com/ – YOU NEED A VPN TO ACCESS
  • switchiso.org  (very updated, but loads the games on Rapidgator)
  • forum.darksoftware.net (need registration for free)
  • game-2u.com

How to download games Switch?

The functioning of these portals is more or less always the same. You simply need:

  • go to the site that interests you
  • search for the game that interests you in Switch
  • click on the download button

Remember however that:

  • Switch games weigh several GB, so downloading may take some time
  • some of these sites show various advertisements, so better to use an adblock
  • being heavy games, you will hardly be able to find direct link downloads. Often the games are loaded on external file hosting sites like Google Drive, MEGA (at best) or other sites where you can download slowly if you do not have a paid account

What games to download for Nintendo Switch?

These portals that collect games for Switch to download for free have within them all the titles that have been released for the console. You will therefore find games in English, Japanese and also in others.

My advice is to download games marked with these indications:

  • RF: it means Region Free, that is games that do not have geographical limitations and that therefore work without problems on your console.

Well, with this guide on Nintendo Switch, however, we have concluded. For any doubt or question, the comments at the end of the article are at your disposal.

Among the portals listed, which one do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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