How to play Brawl Stars on PC and Mac

How to download, install and play Brawl Stars on Windows PC and Mac. Use Brawl Stars on computers with a mouse and keyboard

How to play Brawl Stars on PC and Mac

Brawl Stars on PC and Mac with mouse and keyboard

Only a few days ago the new Brawl Stars game landed on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and, as expected, achieved incredible success, so much so that it reached the top of the charts on both operating systems.

As usual with the most successful games, obviously for Brawl Stars there are many users who are wondering how you can download and use the game on Windows PC and Mac, so you can better interact with commands and characters using mouse and keyboard instead of the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Although it seems superfluous to say, Brawl Stars is a game designed for smartphones, so it is not available in an official way for Windows PC and Mac.

With our guide, however, you will still be able to download, install and use Brawl Stars on your computer and play using mouse and keyboard.

Brawl Stars with mouse and keyboard: here’s how

All this is made possible by the BlueStacks emulator, a fantastic free program that allows you to start on Windows and Mac PC all the apps that have been designed only for Android smartphones. 

In a few simple steps, using BlueStacks, you can start on your computer all the programs and games that normally run only on Android, including of course Brawl Stars.

So we do not waste time chatting, we immediately see how to reach our goal and use Brawl Stars on our computers. 

Use, install and play Brawl Stars on Windows and Mac PCs

The procedure to follow is very simple.

It will be enough:

  • go to this page
  • download BlueStacks
  • install BlueStacks on your Windows or Mac PC by following the simple on-screen instructions
  • download the Brawl Stars APK file
  • install Brawl Stars and start it with BlueStacks

The procedure is really simple and completely guided, also because Bluestack officially supports the game Brawl Stars and has recently been optimized to run it very well, without shots, slowdowns or lag.

Through this guide, as anticipated, you can play Brawl Stars using mouse and keyboard, significantly improving the command system. And magically, Brawl Stars games will become easier to win.

Some information on Brawl Stars

To conclude, here’s a quick presentation of the Brawl Stars game in case you did not know it yet.

Brawl Stars has all it takes to become the new game of the moment.

It can be played either alone or with friends in various ways in less than three minutes.

The game modes in the new videogame of Supercell are the following:

  • Strategy (3v3): a team battle where strategy is everything. Collect and protect at least 10 gems to win, but eye: if they eliminate you, the gems will be easy prey for the enemy
  • Survival (single/in pairs): a battle royale where only survive and collect upgrades for your brawler. Fight like a lone wolf or in a team with a friend and survive until the end in the most ruthless battle royale there is. Who wins takes everything
  • Wanted (3v3): hunt opponents to collect stars, but see not to be eliminated. The team with more stars at the end of the match wins
  • Robbery (3v3):  Defend the team’s safe and tear apart the opponent’s. Sneak out between the hiding places and made way to blows and explosions to the booty of the enemies
  • Footbrawl (3v3): what happens when the brawlers take to the sport? Simple, Footbrawl is born! Show all your football skills and score two goals before the other team

This article is everything for this article.

Have you already tried Brawl Stars? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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