Lost password : 5 Methods to recover Google password

Many may wonder how it is possible for someone to miss something as obvious as losing a Google account password. However, this is more normal than you think, especially for those who have Android smartphones or tablets, which already connect connected to your account automatically, eliminating the need to always remember the password for each access.

If you use automatic login also on your computer, then losing your Google account password becomes the easiest thing in the world, especially considering how many other passwords we need to keep in mind. So here’s a step-by-step guide that lets you recover your Google password and redeem your account, but here’s the hint: Write down your password somewhere you only have access to, or use a password manager as we told you end of the article!

5 Ways to Lose Your Google Password

Before we start teaching you how to recover your password, we set up this short list showing how easy it is to lose your password on the service – and any email provider, actually.

1 –  Enabling automatic login on your computer and needing to access your account on a friend’s computer or in a WiFi establishment;

2 –  Using your email only on your mobile phone or tablet with automatic login. Guess what happens when you switch smartphones?

3 –  Noting the password only in memory;

4 –  Creating a Google account only by the obligation to have one to link to your Android device – which is not the user’s fault;

5 – You have recently changed your password and forgot the current one.

5 methods to recover Google password

Google offers a number of methods and ways to recover Google’s password and thereby redeem your account. Check out the step-by-step below to get back to your email and services like Google Drive and  Google Photos :

Method 1 – On the Google login screen, click  Need Help?

  • If you have recently changed your password, enter the password that you remember. Otherwise, click Try another question to try another method;

Method 2 – The next option is to receive an SMS text message or a call with a text code to let Google confirm that you own the account. If the end of the number shown on the screen is different from yours, go to the other question and change the cell phone number as soon as possible!

  • Get your cell phone and check the SMS with the verification code;
  • Enter the code in the bar indicated below to create your new password;

Method 3 –  If so, enter the month and year in which you created the Google account you want to retrieve to confirm that you own the account and create a new access password;

Method 4 –  Enter an email that you can immediately access and follow the instructions to recover Google password that are displayed on the screen;

  • Access the email in question, find the message with the verification code and enter in the bar pointed above;

Method 5 –  Choose to receive notification on your mobile. Remember to check if the model displayed in the window is the same one you use in your daily life;

  • When you receive the notification, tap Yes and the login will be done, allowing you to immediately access your emails. You can set up your Google account to only login this way, without requiring a password;

Tip: Use a password manager

Now that you know how to redeem your Google password, we can suggest ways to avoid forgetting it again in the future and having to go through this problem. We’re talking about password managers, applications designed exclusively to help their users not to squeeze time to try to remember any password, often even automatically filling them for you!

Do not have your password hacked

Forgetting the access password of any platform is really annoying, but worse is having your password stolen, altered and the account compromised by the use of another person, also because in these situations you will hardly be able to recover it quickly.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!


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