4 Awesome and very useful Android shortcuts

The use of smartphones has become common. Everyone can easily do their daily chores on a smartphone. The more profitable the smartphone is the more threats to our privacy. If you are negligent about the smartphone then you can get into trouble.

Many times it happens that your friends or family are calling you and your phone is being spread out and the coverage is telling outside the area. Well, all these networks are doing bad things, but there can be another reason behind this. This is the second reason for phone tapping. Yes, if your phone is being tapped, then it is important that you know about it. Here we are telling you about 4 USSD codes, through which you can easily find out whether your phone is being tapped or not.

1. Code * # * # 4636 # * # *

Using this code you can take full details of the phone. This allows the model of the phone to get information about Wi-Fi connection including RAM. This service is absolutely free.

2. Code ## 002 #

By dialing this code, if you have a forwarding call on your number, it will be deactivated. If you think your call has been diverted somewhere then you can use this code.

3. Code * # 21 #

By dialing this code you can know that your message, call or any other data has not been diverted elsewhere. From here you will find the full information. At the same time, it will also get information that the number of calls has been diverted.

4. Code * # 62 #

Many times it happens that your friends or family are calling you and your phone is being spread out and the coverage area is telling you out of the area. In this situation, no service is displayed in the mobile company’s name instead of the network company. By dialing this USSD code, you will be able to find out whether your phone has been redirected to a different number or not.

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