How to use WhatsApp or Telegram without having a phone number

In this guide we will see a awesome trick to use the two most popular messaging apps in without actually having an active Phone number

How to use WhatsApp or Telegram without having a phone number

How to use WhatsApp or Telegram without having a phone number

To use WhatsApp or its Telegram antagonist it is mandatory to register for the service with a mobile number, this is because the two messaging applications use the internet and your mobile phone to identify themselves on the network, so that you can exchange messages using your phone number as main contact.

You should know that there are several services that will allow you to use both WhatsApp and Telegram without providing your real mobile number, and everything is 100% legal.

SpoofBox and textPlus are two applications that allow you to get an American VoIP number that you can use to register on WhatsApp or Telegram with a fictitious number, which although it is up and running is not tied to you, but at the same time will allow you to use it to chat also with your contacts in the phonebook.

The two applications work the same way and are also available as an app for Android and iOS, and once you register your account, you will be assigned a virtual American phone number, which you can use as a real and real number, to be recorded also on WhatsApp and Telegram.

In addition SpoofBox allows you to send and receive callerssend and receive text messages and even send mail messages from non-existent addresses. So in a few clicks you will have generated a number not linked to you but to use as you wish.

Download SpoofBox for Android and iOS

spoofbox android app spoofbox ios app

Download testPlus for Android and iOS

download textplus on google
download textplus on app store
Obviously everything must be used with caution also because I remind you that everything is traced and you can go back to your identity quite easily then use it to make jokes but don’t go further.

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