Indian Railways: How to use Free WiFi on Railway Stations

Indian Railways had announced to make free Wi-Fi available some time ago. Under this service, A free Wi-Fi facility is being provided to more than 1000 railway stations across the country. This service is being made available through RailWire. Its goal is to connect 4791 stations across the country to Wi-Fi. If you also want to take advantage of this service, we are telling you in this post how it can be used.

How to use the service?

1. All users who have an active internet connection and smartphones can avail of RailWire’s free Wi-Fi service on railway stations.

2. When you arrive at the Wi-Fi enabled railway station, first, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and then select the RailwayWire network.

3. After that open ‘’ on your phone’s browser. Enter your phone number here and click on Receive SMS.

4. After this, your phone will get 4 digits OTP. Enter it and click on Done.

Good response to the public getting the service: Railway receives good response from the public on the free Wi-Fi service. Since the introduction of this service by Indian Railways, many such stories have been heard which have changed the lives of people. For example, A Keralite completed the Kerala Public Service Commission by using the station’s free Wi-Fi service. In another case, a female auto driver went to the station for his school going son and downloaded the entire content of his studies. It is hoped that this service being offered by Indian Railways will get more and more people.

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