Here is the USB-Lightning cable to hack a MAC in just a few minutes

It’s called O.MG Cable and is a USB-Lightning cable that allows you to hack a MAC in just a few minutes. The cable artfully edited by a “good hacker ” who shared the video on Twitter where he shows the serious security flaw and the cleverly modified cable to hack a MAC .

The cable allows you to take control of a MAC , and the hacker has only spread the method but not the mode of access, and the message was just to warn the world of this serious problem.

In fact, through the modified cable, which is identical to the official Apple, if connected to a MAC activates a payload able to perform automatic operations, such as reprogramming the system to hack the MAC and take control.

The hacker, therefore, has kept us not to spread the method, and that he intends to produce cables created ad hoc, to send to the development companies that can find a solution to the problem.

One note is that in addition to the cable, the attacker must also be close to the PC’s WiFi to infect and command, so as to take full control and steal data easily. So a dangerous exploit but not to endanger daily security, but be careful where you buy the cables for your devices, so that they are official and not Moddti like this.

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