Under-Screen Camera? Xiaomi explains how it works

Both Xiaomi and Oppo decided to reveal today that they already have functional prototypes where the much-desired camera under the screen is implemented.

However, while on the one hand, Oppo claims that the results are still lower than those obtained by traditional cameras, Xiaomi promises “perfect selfies.” He goes even further, stating that he can capture more detailed and clear pictures than a punch hole camera.

A complex technology explained in a simple way

Unsurprisingly, this technology is extremely complex and has numerous variants that allow you to achieve the ultimate goal, put a camera under the screen of the smartphone.

However, avoiding all technical words, the explanation (and image) of Xiaomi allows us to perceive a little better how they managed to finalize this technology.

Camera under the screen? Xiaomi explains how it is possible

In essence, this prototype features a custom screen that has a small transparent area. However, this glass has low reflectivity and a high transmittance (the amount of light that passes through a body without being absorbed or reflected).

In practice, when the camera is not in use, this portion of the screen works with a traditional OLED panel. Once the camera is activated, make it transparent, allowing you to capture photos.

Camera under the screen? Xiaomi explains how it is possible

A visual impact that can be observed with the screen on and off

In one of the published images, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is compared with the notch in a drop form and the prototype that has the camera below the screen. According to this representation, it is possible to see perfectly that this new technology will have a positive visual impact until the screen is turned off.

Although it is of reduced visibility, even the smallest notch can be seen when the screen is off. In the prototype, you only have a black surface without any interruption or visual distraction.

Integration of the camera below the screen marks the end of the era of notches

Since the launch of the iPhone X, the overwhelming majority of manufacturers have eventually (eventually) surrendered to the use of notch on their smartphones. Over time we have seen exaggeratedly large notches, others more discrete and in the last stage, in the form of a drop.

Camera under the screen? Xiaomi explains how it is possible

The Age of Pop-Up Cameras is now the latest alternative to achieve the highest screen-to-body ratio possible. However, the possible arrival of this new technology can put an end to these two trends.

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