How to turn on or turn off Keypad Vibration in Android

Some people will get bother with the vibrating of the cell phone while typing. Mainly, if the person is a frequent user of messengers and talks a lot by text. The virtual keyboard vibrates when you touch each key – it’s quite annoying. This is enable by default, but if you need to, you can disable vibration feedback as a solution not to use it and increase the life of your battery.

The tutorial below was done on a Moto Z, but the process is quite similar to other smartphones with Google operating system. It may vary on older handsets.

How to turn on or turn off Keypad Vibration in Android

How to Stop the Keyboard Vibration (Android)

  1. Go to the “Settings” app;
  2. Find the “System” and “Language and keyboard settings” option;
  3. In “Languages and Inputs”, you will see your keyboards;
  4. In GBoard, for example, touch “Preferences”:
  5. Uncheck “Vibration when touching the key”.

If it does not appear, touch “Vibration Intensity” when you press keys and move the bar to zero to adjust. The feature will be disabled and your phone will stop vibrating.

It is possible that on some older devices, the setting is in Setup> System> Sound> Sound and Vibration. If you can not find it, search for “vibrate” in the Android Settings app and jump right to the features to make your adjustment.


If you have the keyboard in use, you can change the settings there. Touch and hold the “,” (comma) key for two seconds and choose the gear icon (Settings) to drop on the settings screen without referring to the menu as explained.

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