How to turn on mobile screen automatically when you take it out of pocket

Whenever you take the phone out of your pocket, its natural action is to press one of your buttons to make your screen active, since you want to use it, of course. Some newer devices even have functions to do this task automatically, but that is not always enabled by default on the device.

Fortunately, even when being with an old smartphone it is still possible to have access to such a function by making use of applications. Here’s how to get your phone to have the screen activated when you take it out of your pocket:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the Wake On Gesture application ;
  2. Open the application normally and run your hand in front of the phone screen, but not touch it;
  3. Now, in the initial screen of the application mark first the option “Pocket” and, also, check the option “Enabled”;
  4. In the message that appears, tap “Activate” and then “Ok”.
  5. In tests conducted by Digital Look, the program worked well on a Galaxy S7 handset, which does not have this native function. Also, no changes were noted in the battery’s autonomy, ie the device continued with the same battery life.Anyway, if you did not like the feature working, there is a slightly more annoying way to disable it than just uninstalling the app. Check out the process to be done:
    1. Go to the Android Settings screen and enter “Lock screen and Security”;
    2. On the new screen, go to “Other security settings” and go to “Device administrator apps”;
    3. In the list, uncheck the “Wake on Gesture” application and click “Disable.”

Ready! Now, you already know how to make your cellphone have your screen activated just as you take it out of your pocket.

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