Block malicious downloads that start automatically in Chrome

When surfing the Internet some websites end up trying to apply scams on users offering many malicious downloads. In many of these cases, it is neither the fault of the user, since it has become a common practice to start downloads without the consent of the person who is visiting the page.

Thinking of leaving users protected against this type of action, Google has implemented a function in the Chrome browser to block automatically initiated downloads, but that is not always enabled by default. Here’s how to turn on Chrome protection against malicious downloads that start automatically.

How to block Chrome downloads automatically started

Despite being a simple process, this new feature of Google Chrome ends up getting a bit hidden inside the browser. Check how to enable it:

  1. Open Chrome normally and touch the icon represented by “three points”;
  2. In the open menu, enter “Settings”;
  3. Now, slide the page to the end and expand the “Advanced” option;
  4. Click “Content Settings”;
  5. Go to “Automatic downloads”;
  6. Enable the flick next to “Do not allow any website to download multiple files automatically”.

Even when this setting is active, if it is affecting any site you use, you can still create exceptions by placing their links in the “Allow” part.

Ready! You are now protected from malicious downloads that are automatically started by sites in your browser.

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