Copy My Data :

Through this app, users can copy contacts, calendars, and photos from old to a new device. For this, it is mandatory to have one app in both devices . It is also necessary to connect both phones with the same Wi-Fi. Let us know that backups can be made on Google Drive through this app. Also, it can be restored.

Phone Copier :

This app gives the user the option to transfer contacts and text messages. This app makes backups of your data in your cloud storage and then you can restore it. In addition, you can transfer contacts and text messages through Bluetooth too. Not only this, if you want, the data can be transferred even by connecting the phone to the PC.

ShareIt :

A lot of people will know about this app. Through this, users transfer applications, photos, videos and files to each other. This gives users the option to use WiFi Direct. With this help, you can easily transfer data from your old phone to the new one. Not only this, this app can clone the old device and copy it to the new device.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile :

If you have a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Series, you can copy the data of your old Android or iOS device into a new phone with the help of Samsung Smart Switch. This app is preloaded in the Galaxy A7 and S8. This app is mandatory in both phones. Also, it is also necessary to connect both devices to WiFi Direct.

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