How to Transfer data from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Here is a guide to move and transfer data from the Google Chrome browser to Mozilla Firefox in the easiest way possible by transferring not only your favorites but also the history, saved passwords and much more

Guide to Transfer data from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Guide to Transfer data from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

For years I have used Mozilla’s Firefox as a browser, but then make an epoch-making change to switch to Chrome, due to the higher speed, more accurate extensions and less RAM consumed, but with the latest versions, Firefox has changed gear and I returned a few weeks ago from Chrome to Firefox.

Here I want to share with you how I did the data transfer from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox.

How to switch from Chrome to Firefox

Once you have downloaded Mozilla Firefox from the official website, install it and start it on your PC.

The first step is to click on the Bookmarks item and then click on View all bookmarks. From this page we can start saving some data by going to the Library then to Import and Save and then selecting the Import data from another browser.

The next window that will open, will be that of selecting the browser from where to import data, and we will of course select the last item Chrome. In the window that appears you will have to select Next and then all the data you want to import and among these we find the Cookies, the Browsing History, the saved Passwords and of course the Favorites.

Press again on Next and then on OK to start transferring data from Google Chrome to Firefox in a few moments

If we have more profiles on Google Chrome, we need to select the profile from which we want to save and migrate to Firefox.

At the moment it is not any active procedure that allows you to transfer or at least find extensions, themes and scripts installed on Chrome on Firefox. For this you have to search them manually in the relative store CLICK HERE to go to the Store of Firefox Add-ons, and look for those installed on Google Chrome and if available you can install them, knowing that not all extensions on Chrome you will find them on Firefox, but most are there, or there are valid alternatives that work the same way.

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