Forgot your Wi-Fi password : how to recover it from PC and Mac

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? No problem, you can easily recover from PC and Mac in just a few steps: here’s how.
Wi-Fi, forgotten internet password: how to recover it from PC and Mac

Who has never forgotten the Wi-Fi password, necessary to access the internet? A common problem to which you can find a solution quickly and easily, without having to contact your service provider. Recovering the password to access the internet is possible from both Windows PC and Apple Mac, in a few simple steps.

The most forgetful rely on paper and pen, through post-it tactics placed near the router, others rely on memory and a password sometimes too simple: forget the login credentials for Wi-Fi can lead to moments of panic desperate, looking for that symbol or capital that maybe set months before and we do not remember.

Do not worry: here are the paths to follow to recover the internet password and avoid a problem that, in some cases, can be really annoying.

How to find out the Wi-Fi password on Windows PC

The first step to do if we use a Windows PC is to log in as Administrator: in this case, in fact, we will have access to the crucial information for the recovery of our password (alternatively, it is sufficient to know the password of the Administrator account of your PC). Having secured this, the steps to follow are:

  1. right-click the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right (if it is not next to the bar, near the date and time, click on the arrow pointing up and then on the network icon);
  2. select the entry “Open Network and Internet settings”;
  3. at the Wi-Fi section, in the column on the left, look for «Change adapter options»;
  4. by clicking on it, we will find some icons that refer to the available connections, select the one related to either the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi;
  5. by clicking the right button «Status» a window will open, where we will click on the «Wireless Properties» button;
  6. in the new open window click on the “Security” section at the top, under “Network Security Key” we will have the password related to our internet line, obviously obscured;
  7. to display it, check the Show characters box (this option can only be used if linked, in fact, as Administrator).

How to recover the Wi-Fi password from Mac

Recovering the internet password on an Apple computer, such as Mac, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, obviously involves a different path than Windows but also requires here the profile “Administrator” inherent to the device in question.

The procedure is, in this case, slightly faster:

  1. we press the Cmd + bar keys for the space at the same time;
  2. in this way we will open Spotlight, where we can search for the “Keychain Access” app;
  3. from here we start, through the appropriate bar, the search for our Wi-Fi network by typing its name;
  4. once you have found it, double-click on the line and check the box Show your password, entering the credentials of your Mac.

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