10 Tips For Beginners To Make A YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the most exciting and popular platforms on the Internet today. Anyone can upload a video on YouTube and get hundreds of views. Many people have made a fortune on YouTube by creating videos that have earned them fame and fortune. YouTube has always been the go-to for people when they want to relax or are bored. There is something to appeal to everyone’s taste and sense of humor. There are also a lot of educational videos that can help people learn many new skills. There is a whole dedicated community surrounding YouTube, and many famous YouTubers have dedicated fan bases.

This is why starting a YouTube channel is on many people’s bucket lists. While it may seem complicated, it can be achieved by following some guidelines and tips. Let us take a look at some simple tips that will get you started:

10 Tips For Beginners To Make A YouTube Video

Decide on your location:

When you start to think about How To Make A Youtube Video for your new channel, one of the first things you have to decide is the location or backdrop of your videos. A location is an important aspect to think of because this is where your viewers will see you, and it is good to have a clean and unique background. Personalize it with some lights, posters, etc. Your background should be something that makes it associated with you.

Test the lighting:

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to making videos look good. A dimly lit video automatically loses the attention of the viewer. If you are shooting in a room with windows and natural light, make sure there are no distracting shadows. Do a few tests with the lighting before shooting your video. If you want to shoot using natural light, then the best time to shoot is during the golden hour or before sunset. If the video is not clear, then the YouTube algorithm will push it down.

Don’t invest in new equipment right away:

There is no rule that you have to spend money and buy tons of equipment before starting a YouTube channel. Instead, use what you have already, and if your channel picks up, you can consider upgrading the equipment. It may also happen that you lose interest and, in that case, spending a fortune on equipment can feel like a loss. A good option is to rent the hardware required for making a video as it is more cost-efficient than buying.

Create a unique intro and outro for your videos:

If you think about making a YouTube video memorable, you have to consider a unique intro and outro. These are fundamental to your channel and identity as a video creator. The intro and outro should be catchy and preferably original. You should also include your channel logo along with some music. Another approach to an intro can be a brief explanation of what will happen in the video. So, you could simply say that you will talk about whatever it is that you are talking about in the video. It can be something that interests the viewer, and make sure that it is precise and to the point. Similarly, an outro is equally essential. You cannot just abruptly end the video. You can also insert the channel logo and music in the outro instead of the intro.

Use a good video editor:

Video editing may seem like a chore, but finding a good video editor is not that hard. At the start, you can use a free video editor and later upgrade to a premium paid video editor when your channel succeeds. One of the best video editors available online that is entirely free is InVideo. It doesn’t even require a sign-up! It makes available hundreds of templates and filters. It also has AI that corrects any mistakes in the text, color, or syncing. Automatically add captions and audio to your videos with InVideo. It can be used on MacOS and Windows but is best optimized for Chrome. Using a video editor adds a professional touch, especially if you are a beginner.

Optimize the data available:

Your video will have a lot of information attached to it, and these can be used to determine the success of your videos. Keyword research and EO optimization are vital if you want your videos to pop up in Google searches and searches on YouTube. Use keywords in the description of your video so that your video pops up when related videos are searched or watched. Use tags to make sure you pop up more frequently on relevant YouTube searches.

Choose a good thumbnail:

Click baiting can be very annoying, but it sure is effective. If a thumbnail is eye-catching, then chances are, someone will click on your video. Try to integrate the title in the video in the thumbnail. There is a high possibility that someone might read the title in the thumbnail rather than the actual title. Use bright colors and make sure the thumbnail is complying with YouTube’s standards.

Promote your videos on other platforms:

To spread the word about your video, you have to use other platforms like social media. For example, if you have a Facebook or Instagram page, then post details about your video, along with the link, so that your friends and supporters can share those and spread the word. The more people know about your channel and video, the more traction it will gain and the greater the chances of our success, This way you will get noticed on youtube as a creator.

Stick to a posting schedule:

Consistency is the key to big YouTube success. If you keep posting consistently and regularly, only then can you build a dedicated base of fans and subscribers. Even the most prominent YouTubers like PewDiePie did not start with millions of subscribers. They posted regularly and stayed consistent, and became successful. Have a schedule when it comes to posting and try to stick with it. This way, your subscribers know when to watch out for a video of yours. Be it weekly, daily, or monthly, make sure the schedule is achievable for you and that you can abide by it.

Use analytics:

YouTube Analytics lets you gain a lot of insight into who is watching your videos. Total views, click-through rates, viewer age and gender, geography, total watch time, audience retention, etc., can all be revealed through YouTube Analytics. It can tell you a lot about areas where you can improve.

When it comes to starting a YouTube channel, the idea may begin due to passion. But that is not all that is needed. To sustain the passion and ensure success, there are a lot of tips to follow. Keeping these guidelines in mind can make it easier for you as a video creator on YouTube. 

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