How to get noticed on Youtube as a new creator

YouTube can be a great way to gain more exposure and grow an audience. Youtube videos are the second most frequent search engine query, with Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature accounting for 2% of their entire traffic [1].

There are potentially hundreds of thousands of new YouTubers each year – how do you get noticed?

Here are 5 steps you can take to get more exposure on Youtube:

How to get noticed on Youtube as a new creator

1) Great title

You only have about 8 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention [2]. That makes your youtube video title an extremely important area to consider. You want a catchy, descriptive and interesting title with keywords in it – this is how you will get youtube search engine traffic.You can use a tool called to automatically find relevant words that increase your chances of getting noticed on youtube and include them into your youtube video title for you. It’s vital to stand out amongst all the other videos competing for views – their software does this for you. Once you create a catchy, SEO-optimized youtube video title, you can opt-in for guaranteed youtube views from a company called BuzzVoice.

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2) Engaging Video Content

Make sure your youtube video is a valuable contribution to youtube, but also includes engaging video content that people are willing to share and discuss. In order to get youtube views you’ll need to connect with youtube viewers – think about what they want on youtube and create videos that offer this. Do not copy other youtube creators like Tyler Oakley or Grace Helbig – be yourself and do something unique!

3) Giving back for YouTube Subscribers

There’s a saying ‘give first in order to receive’ — which means if you give your Youtube subscribers/viewers first, you’ll start getting more youtube subscribers quicker as well. You should be honest with your subscribers and treat them as your real friends. For example, when you have a youtube video uploaded and you’re about to publish it. It is best that you give your youtube subscribers the opportunity to see the video first before publishing it on youtube to make them feel special.

4) Connect with your fans on Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help boost your youtube views. When people see other people commenting on your new youtube videos, more often they’ll try out the link and watch the video. This will then in turn increase your youtube views! Keep in mind though that social media marketing needs to be monitored so don’t overdo it.

5) Kick-start your Youtube Channel with BuzzVoice

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