How to stop following everyone on Instagram (unfollow in bulk)

You can delete in bulk, stop following, block and stop enjoying photos and people in a few steps (all at once) on your Instagram. The miracle is offered by Cleaner for Instagram, an application that has versions for iPhone (iOS) and Android. The application has proven to save more time than anything else.

How to stop following everyone on Instagram (unfollow in bulk)

To use, you must enter your login and password. Therefore, you will be sharing credentials with other developers. If it is a one-time use, change the password after you stop following everyone in Instagram (or use another function).


Cleaner for Instagram Features

  • Unfollow users who do not follow you;
  • Remove followers;
  • Lock and unlock;
  • Delete posts (all);
  • Unfreeze posts (all);
  • Download (backup) of photos and videos published and liked;
  • Manage Whitelist;
  • Supports user search;
  • Supports multiple accounts;
  • Supports undo actions;
  • Quick selection (ghost followers, inactive users, non-followers);
  • Night mode (iOS);
  • Cloud service;

Note: Some of the features, such as backup in the Cleaner cloud, are for paid.

How to stop following everyone on Instagram

To bulk unfollow, download the application on your Android or iPhone (iOS).


  1. Download Clear for Instagram on the App Store or Google Play;
  2. Enter your login and password;
  3. You will see a “Following” list of accounts you are following;
  4. Touch the photo of each profile you want to stop following;
  5. Touch the blue ray at the bottom of the screen;
  6. Choose the “unfollow” option.

You can also create a “whitelist” of accounts that you do not want to delete, select the remaining ones and stop following them all in Instagram. Or, still, not protect any and clean your list of Following, returning to use a brand new feed.

  1. Access the list of accounts you are following;
  2. Choose people you do not want to stop following;
  3. Touch the blue ray at the bottom of the screen;
  4. Choose the “Add to Whitelist” option;
  5. Then touch “Quick Select”;
  6. Tap “Select All” and select all;
  7. Return to the home screen, touch the blue ray again;
  8. Choose the “unfollow” option.

Tip: Run tests before performing operations with tens or hundreds of accounts.

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