How to clean up hard disk and fix speed problem with Windows 10 tools

Anyone who uses Windows 10 in PC or notebook daily many times goes through the full disk problem or the slower system. Some factors can contribute to this, such as the accumulation of temporary files or remnants of old programs. Fortunately, there is a simple and native procedure of Microsoft’s own system to clean the hard drive. Here’s how to do it next.

How to clean up hard disk and fix speed problem with Windows 10 tools

1. Access the “Windows Settings” by clicking the Windows logo and then the gear icon;

2. Click “System” and then “Storage“;

3. All HDDs installed on your machine will be listed under this option. Click the disk you want to clean up unnecessary files;

4. After selecting your hard drive, the system will scan all of the space used in this drive. You can see details of each category by clicking on it;

5. To clean the HD, go to the category “Temporary files“, check all the files and then click on “Remove files“.

To automate this process, Windows 10 has a “Storage Sensor“, which is disabled by default. By activating it, the software itself will get rid of temporary files whenever your hard drive is too full.

1. To activate the “Storage Sensor”, follow the same steps above and, under “Storage”, activate the feature key by clicking on it.

Ready! If the slowness in your PC is just a matter of lack of space, following this tutorial, you may already notice an improvement in the performance of your machine.

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