How to Spy on private Instagram profile

Want to spy on private Instagram profile: do you want to see private Instagram account? How to get into a private Instagram profile? Here’s what you need to know

Spy on private Instagram profile: how to do it?

How to view private Instagram account

New day, new guide dedicated to Instagram, the most widespread, loved, appreciated and used the photographic social network in recent months.

Today in particular I want to respond to all those users who try to know how to spy on a private Instagram profile and above all they want to know if it is possible to see photos and videos of a private Instagram account without following it.

There are many searches on Google and requests on blogs and industry forums by users who want to see photos and videos published on Instagram by a private account without having to necessarily follow this profile.

If you are asking yourself this question, in this article we will clarify once and for all.

In this way I will save your time and you will be able to know in a simple, clear and fast way everything concerning a private Instagram profile.

See private profile Instagram

Let’s not waste time and go straight to the point.

To date, in the month of April 2019, there is NO working way to see private Instagram profile without following it.

Don’t waste your time searching on Google, don’t look for sites or guides, don’t look for alternative solutions, don’t use elusive programs that promise “magic, because they are ALL scam.

Instagram in no way allows you to view a private profile without following it, at least at the present time.

On Google there are hundreds of sites and programs that promise to make you spy on a private Instagram profile, to let you see private Instagram photos and videos, but not a single one works. You are asked for personal data, email, Instagram login information and in the end, after wasting time and endangering the security of your Instagram account, you get nothing.

I have tried all the services found on Google and I can guarantee you that not even one will work.

So avoid getting fooled by false promises, keep your Instagram data safe and don’t waste time. If and when there is a working way to see private profile Instagram, we will update this article and explain in detail how to do it.

Until then, avoid wasting time looking for solutions that are not so good.

How to view Instagram private profile photos

To date, to achieve your goal you have various solutions available, but nothing really useful:

  • you can directly follow the Instagram private profile using your account (but if you are reading this guide I think this solution is not for you)
  • you can check if by chance that account shares Instagram posts also on Facebook, where maybe they are public and not private
  • you can create a fake profile with which to follow the private profile, obviously hoping that this accepts your request to follow it
  • you can ask friends to follow that particular  private Instagram profile and then, through their account, you can watch photos and videos of that private Instagram profile
  • you can have your friends who can send you the private photo screenshots of on Instagram

App to spy Instagram profiles

If someone told you to try an app to view private Instagram profiles without following them, immediately be suspicious and stay away!
Instagram prevents any third-party developer app from entering hidden or private profiles, so No apps can show you a private Instagram profile.

Furthermore, at the time of writing, Instagram’s private accounts are also protected by free apps and tools that allow you to save others’ Instagram Stories to view them later offline.


With this new guide on Instagram we have concluded.

As promised, in case of news we will update it, but at the moment there are no other working ways to view private Instagram photos.

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