How to send a message to all Facebook friends

To send a message to all your Facebook friends at same time you need to use a plugin, since the social network does not offer this feature natively – which can be considered spam. Group members can send messages to all members via Facebook Messenger, but this is not yet for profiles and with friends. To distribute the same message to all your contacts with just one click, use the Facebook Social Media Toolkit extension.

In the old days, the plugin for Google Chrome, MessengerMerge, was an option, but it stopped working. The Media Toolkit still functions and offers a number of other features that we quote at the end. Sending the same message to everyone can be useful in case of invitations, New Year or Merry Christmas greetings, and other similar situations.

How to send a message to all Facebook friends

See now how to send bulk messages on Facebook.

How to send a message to all Facebook friends

  1. First, you need to have the latest version of Google Chrome;
  2. Download the Toolkit extension for FB by PlugEx in the Chrome Web Store;
  3. With the extension installed, click the button that activates it at the top of the browser;
  4. In “Messaging Tools”, choose “Send Messages to Multiple/All Facebook Friends”;
  5. Write your message, at first there is no limit of characters;
  6. Messages will be sent one at a time by the server, choose the interval;
  7. Now select all friends or just the friends you want to send;
  8. Click “Start Sending Messages” to begin sending messages;

Wait for the submission to finish, following the activity bar, before closing the plugin window in your browser. Otherwise, sending can be interrupted in Toolkit.

The same plugin has a number of features that allow you to take action in bulk, such as leaving all groups, delete all friends and delete all tanned.

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