Samsung is going to launch Galaxy A70S, the first smartphone with 64MP camera

Samsung is working on two photosensors that are worth paying attention to. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy A70S should be the first to use one of these sensors that has 64MP.

It was even said that this would be the sensor that would be introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, however, the South Korean company has denied the information and apparently gives this possibility to your smartphone entry.

Samsung Galaxy A70S will be the first with 64MP cameraSamsung 64MP sensor

What are 64MPs used for in a camera on a smartphone

Do not kid yourself with the numbers! The 64MP will be more in the role than in function. At least the information we have about this sensor. Although it counts on this carried of pixels, the smartphone will only have the possibility to export photographs in 16MP. So what’s the 64MP for? Good question!

The new sensor will be able to compress photographs taken with 64MP to 16MP. This will make the images contain a well above average detail. It is also expected that this camera will have exceptional quality in low light situations.

About Samsung Galaxy A70S

Samsung Galaxy A70S will be the first with 64MP cameraSamsung Galaxy A70

For now, taking this information, we know nothing strictly about this new equipment. We have an idea that being an “A” will belong to the midrange, or low range, Samsung. We also have the idea that this terminal should arrive with multiple rear cameras given the history of the latest models A from Samsung.

If you had to guess (that nothing is right) I would say that this Galaxy A70S might even bring the cut of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the front cameras. This new design ideology seems to have gained adherents and, truth be told, it is better than a notch in the center of the device. That way you are also away from the A70S that has already been released and you can see the photo above.

Cameras are a focus for smartphone manufacturers

More and more cameras are the focus of attention. Although I still prefer to go out with my DSLR when I want good photos, we have to admit that Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Google are working in a serious way in the industry. OnePlus is also a brand that stands out with its latest OnePlus 7 Pro.

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