3 worst reasons for not to buy OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the smartphones of the moment. For $699 it offers top performance, stands out for its total screen and has a camera certified by DxOMark as one of the best of today. Still, like any smartphone, this also has its weak points.

In a high-end smartphone with the quality of a OnePlus 7 Pro, finding less good things is not easy. The three reasons we found may not be important to some consumers, but they will certainly be important to those who come with devices with these features.

1. The non-existence of wireless charging

Wireless charging is still seen by many as a little-loved feature. Still, it is something that we find in most of the top of the range in the market with a rear glass construction, as is the case of the new OnePlus.

3 reasons not to buy OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus 7 Pro has rear glass but does not feature Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is still not a matter of speed, but convenience. Anyone who is accustomed to this functionality, and has loading stations scattered around the house, will put the OnePlus 7 Pro out of your purchase options. To get a sense, my old Galaxy S6 released in 2015 already had this functionality.

2. The lack of IP certification (water resistance)

The IP certification gives a smartphone a water resistance that rests those who purchase a device under these conditions. If the device falls into the water and malfunctions, the warranty covers the damage if it has this type of certification.

Although OnePlus has decided not to give IP certification to OnePlus 7 Pro, the brand claimed that the terminal has hardware for that. Although there is a sense of protection from users, the brand will not be held responsible if an accident happens.

3. Do not have input for headphones

This is one of the features that most controversy has generated in recent years. The 3.5mm jack port was abolished by the OnePlus 6T brand and did not return to the new devices.

3 reasons not to buy OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus 6 was the last smartphone brand to have 3.5mm jack input

If you’ve already made the transition to wireless headphones/earphones, you’re rested on a possible purchase. However, not only did many users not make this transition, they would not be rested if their headphones had run out. In addition, the cable quality is also important by the superior sound quality.

Honorable Mentions

The OnePlus 7 Pro is not a perfect smartphone, but no top-of-the-range smartphone is. Its pop-up mechanism gives us a way to have a full screen, but this can be seen by some users as a negative point to the distrust of their resistance.

The price of a device is quite subjective. But if OnePlus was once known for offering top-of-the-range specs for half the price, this is no longer the case. The $699 of OnePlus 7 Pro may be justified for some users, but the price difference for competitors is less and less.

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