How to remove Chrome viruses (pop-ups, toolbars and adware)

In this guide we will see how to remove adware-type viruses (displaying unwanted ads) and pop-ups from your Google Chrome

The Google Chrome had a virus removal tool called Software Removal Tool. It was available for Windows only and it helped remove remove toolbars, pop-ups, and other browser cracks. However, it has been discontinued.

The good news is that if you are seeing pop-ups brought on by adware and other unwanted ads, or had the homepage and search engine default changed, you can still remove them. Use your antivirus (if you do not, download one) and reset your browser.

Google chrome tab

What kind of issues can I fix in Chrome?

  • Pop-up ads and new tabs that open by themselves;
  • The home page or search engine is always changing;
  • Unwanted toolbars or extensions that do not disappear;
  • Navigation is invaded and redirected to unknown pages or ads;
  • You are seeing alerts about a virus or an infected device;

This may be because some malicious software/application (virus) has been downloaded to your computer or smartphone. Before you reset your browser, you will need to clean your device. Uninstall programs and applications that you suspect are causing the problem on Android or Windows/macOS and scan your favorite antivirus scanner. Use, for example, Malwarebytes on your phone or PC.

That done, what was causing the problem on your machine must have been deleted. To complete the process, restore your Chrome settings to Google default.

On the computer

  1. In the upper right corner of Chrome, click “More” and then “Settings”;
  2. At the bottom, scroll to the end and click Advanced;
  3. Reset your browser settings based on your system (below).

For Windows: Under “Reset and clean”, click “Reset settings” and then Reset.

On Mac or Chromebook: Under “Reset Settings,” click “Reset Settings,” and then Reset.

In distros Linux: In “Reset settings,” click “Restore settings to factory defaults”, then “Reset Settings”.

This function will reset your homepage, your “New Tab” page, your search engine, and the tabs you set. In addition, it will disable all extensions already downloaded (without uninstalling any) and will clear temporary data, such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history, and saved passwords will not be cleared and you can still view them.

If you remove unwanted programs and reset the settings, you’ll need to re-enable some extensions that you use frequently and can be turned off. To enable extensions, in the upper right corner, click “More,” then “More tools,” then “Extensions.” Activate only your trusted plugins.

Or, go to chrome://extensions/ in the Google Chrome address bar.

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