How to recover photos and deleted files from Android SD card

Having many files saved or stored on your Android phone’s card is not uncommon for you to erase something by mistake, which can be desperate if you have not made a copy elsewhere.

In the midst of this situation, another alternative is resorting to a computer, which for many times has a greater chance of being able to recover its files. Here’s how to use Windows to recover deleted files by mistake on Android.


Due to the restrictions of the Android system, to recover files that were stored in the memory of the device is necessary to have root access. However, the files that were on your card can still be recovered, as long as you have an SD card reader, such as those USB flash drives or the reader of your own notebook or computer.

How to recover deleted photos and files from Android

Unfortunately, Windows does not have a native function to recover files that have been deleted, even more so in the case of a card that was on another system. However, there are tools for him that can accomplish this task. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Access this link to download the Mini Tool Recovery Mobile for Android program ;
  2. After you have downloaded the file, proceed with the installation normally. The program does not install any extra files that are unnecessary;
  3. When you open it, before selecting any application option, install the requested drivers;
  4. Now select the SD card option in the program home screen;
  5. At this point, the program will start to scan the card, a process that can take from minutes to hours depending on the amount of files stored on it. Wait for it to be completed;
  6. After the process is complete, note that the program has separated your files by categories. Thus, it is necessary to enter the category referring to the type of file that you seek to recover;
  7. A message will appear saying that the free version of the program allows you to retrieve up to 10 items at a time. Click “Continue trial” on it. Or, if this is a limitation for you, use the “Buy Full Version” option to purchase your license;
  8. Once you are already in the desired category, start selecting the items that need to be retrieved and click “Recover”;
  9. Set the folder where the files should be saved by clicking “Browser” or, if you prefer, leave it in the default application folder. Click “Recover” one more time;
  10. Finally, in the last screen, click “View result” and you will have access to the recovered items already in the selected folder.
  11. Ready! Now, you already know how to recover files that you accidentally erased or lost from the SD card of your phone.

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