How to put password lock on an app in Andorid

When using the phone it is inevitable that you end up installing many applications in it, some of them end up being more confidential. In this way, you might look for a way to protect access to them, in order to prevent anyone from opening them by traditional means without any security mechanism.

Fortunately, on Android there are some options to protect access to apps, which are not native. One of them, for example, is to protect the application with a password, as Tech Khiladi has previously shown the process. However, a more secure way is still the possibility of using a secret key combination for these applications. See how the process is done.

How it works

As stated above, depending on the manufacturer, Android does not come with native options to prevent undue access to programs, requiring an application to be installed for this task. Although the above process seems complex, it does not require the root of the device and can be removed when you wish to uninstall the program shown below.

Locking apps with a secret key combination

The process is quite simple to do, however, before doing something or any change in Android, it is always recommended to make a backup of your main files. That said, follow the step-by-step:

  1. Go to Google Play and download Oops! AppLock ;
  2. When opening it for the first time, continue with your explanation until “Setup password” appears. Touch it;
  3. Now, set the number of times the volume buttons will be pressed and choose a sequence that will cause the lock. After choosing the sequence, confirm it;
  4. At this point, you will be asked to choose a question and password, which will serve to recover access to the programs in case you forget the password you have set;
  5. Enter the sequence defined on the volume keys and wait for the list of your applications to load;
  6. Choose which program you want to block and enable the keypad at the top of the program. In the message that appears, tap “Enable”;
  7. Locate the “K Note” in the list and allow usage tracking.

Ready? when you open the application, it will have a black screen, making the phone appear to be locked. So, just enter the secret key sequence defined by you so that the application can run.

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