How to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp in 8 steps

Learning how to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp is the dream of many users.

Especially after it became possible to delete messages in the application, the curiosity of who was to receive the message only increases. Even more so when WhatsApp itself warns the recipient that the person they are talking to has sent and deleted a message then.

That’s why the free WAMR app – only available for Android phones – has been created. Its utility is very simple: to save a copy of a message that is to be deleted so that it can see its contents. A very useful feature among WhatsApp applications.

That is, when someone sends you a message but resolves to delete it before you can read it, WAMR will save a copy as soon as that user orders the message to be deleted. In addition, the app will also send you a notification informing you of the deleted message.

How does WAMR work?

The application uses a mallet so that you can learn how to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp or any other type of censorship. Because the messages exchanged in the messenger are encrypted, WAMR originally did not have access to this type of content.

Therefore, it uses WhatsApp notifications on your device to save message content. That’s why WAMR notifies you every time some of your contacts try to delete a message they sent you.

If the message has any media, including the infamous WhatsApp audios, it will also attempt to download a copy so that you can view it offline. WAMR also tries to recover this file whenever someone tries to delete it.

In addition to audios and text messages, WAMR allows you to rescue photos, videos, gifs, and figurines, among others. It’s like you’re backing up WhatsApp, but the messages they send to you.

Remember that WAMR is only available on Android smartphones and tablets. There is no way to do something similar on the iPhone.

Learn how to use WAMR to learn how to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp in the steps below!

How to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp

1 –  Click on the link and download WAMR on your Android;

2 –  Open the app and choose which applications it should monitor

3 –  See the example of how WAMR retrieves erased messages and keeps moving forward;

4 –  Keep moving forward and keep authorizations for WAMR to read and back up media files and read your notifications, as this is how you will be able to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp;

5 –  After activating WAMR, whenever someone deletes a message, you will receive a notification, as you can see in the image below:

6 –  To access deleted audio, slide the screen down and click the notification sent by WAMR;

 7- Now, choose the audio you want to listen to by clicking the Play button  ;

8 –  You’ve learned how to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp with WAMR!

Recommendations when using WAMR

Although the features of this app are very interesting, they must meet certain requirements so that you can always recover the audios that are deleted before you can listen to them. The first one is to always be connected.

If your connection is unstable or does not work, the app will not be able to download the audios and deleted media.

Also, avoid silencing your WhatsApp conversations. Because silenced chats will not generate notifications on your phone, WAMR will not be able to capture the deleted audios of that particular conversation.

WAMR cannot recover deleted audio from conversations you are currently accessing. This happens because when you are having an open conversation, it will not generate notifications on your device.

Never disable WAMR from running in the background, even if it is to save the Android battery. If this happens, it will no longer detect deleted messages because it will be turned off.

Another interesting feature of WAMR is the ability to download WhatsApp Status. To do this, follow the tutorial below.

How to download WhatsApp Status from WAMR

1 –  Open your WhatsApp and go to the Status tab:

2 –  Access one of the Status of your list;

3 –  Open WAMR and click on the icon in download format;

4 –  Click on any of the available Status bar  posts ;

5 –  Touch the download icon again;

6 –  To access the Status that you downloaded whenever you want, just click on it in the Downloaded area  ;

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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