The 8 apps to change the Android lock screen

One of the great advantages of having an Android is the ability to customize your device the way you want. This helps both make the device more practical to the user and allows simple more superficial customizations as well. Something interesting is to use different applications to change the Android lock screen, for example. If you want to know some of the best apps to leave your smartphone with a different look, just check our suggestions below!

1. Gesture Lock Screen

To start our list, we have the Gesture Lock Screen, which offers the possibility to unlock your Android with different gestures. It is really very simple and just creates a gesture of your own to start using it on your smartphone.

You can still check notifications, change the unlock animation, add or remove sounds, choose a background, etc. The app can be downloaded from this link for free but offers some ads in this version.

2. Hi Locker

Hi, Locker is also a great choice, being an old acquaintance of those who has been using Android devices for some time. The cool thing is that this app offers a mix of different options for your lock screen, with some old looking and some more modern ones.

You can integrate various features from your smartphone to the app, such as the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen quickly, for example. In addition, you can customize everything you see on the screen, from this shortcuts to your notifications and widgets. You can download this app through this link.

3. AcDisplay

If you want a very simple application that leaves your lock screen with a very minimalist look, AcDisplay may be the perfect alternative for you. It allows you to see your notifications in a very intuitive interface and offers some very useful shortcuts.

It is also possible to enable an “Active” mode, which detects if someone is picking up or taking the device from somewhere to turn on the screen and show the notifications. You can download the app through this link.

4. Screen Lock

Screen Lock’s biggest offer compared to the other applications on the list is the ability to lock your screen with just one touch. This is ideal if you need to block your phone immediately, in some embarrassing or even dangerous situation.

The app has three types of buttons that can be included to make such a lock, being a button in its own list of applications, in the notification bar of the smartphone, or through a widget that overlaps other applications even if they are in use.

In addition, you can make adjustments to the widget’s button size, opacity, and configure whether the lock will happen with a single tap, double-tap, or other gestures. Screen Lock is free, you can download it right now through the link!

5. Next Lockscreen

The Next Locksreen is developed by Microsoft and is currently one of the best apps for the Android lock screen. It is very simple and functional and offers several features so you have as many options as the original Android screen.

You can customize how you view notifications, whether you want to see the most frequently used apps on your system, whether you want access to your favorite contacts, whether you want to enable shortcuts (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, etc.) can download it right now through the link!

6. Picturesque Lockscreen

Picturesque Lockscreen is another application fully developed by Microsoft and even has some similarities with Next. Still, this is a very unique app and brings interesting features that make it stand out from the majority.

One of its advantages is that it has the option to change the background every day, as well as allowing you to search for apps, contacts or search the Internet directly from the lock can download it right now through the link!

7. Echo Lockscreen

The Echo Lockscreen blends practicality with a large number of features available. It is undoubtedly one of the simplest to use but does not allow as many customizations as some of the applications we mention in this list.

What is most interesting is that it splits the notifications into several categories, such as “Priority”, “Social”, “Work”, etc. You can still choose which apps belong to which categories, which is a good can download it right now through the link!

8. ZUI Locker

If you’d rather have an application that gives you more control under your lock screen, the ZUI Locker might end up being the best option. Although it looks as simple as the others, this app includes a control panel that offers various shortcuts to apps and system settings.

You can also choose your background, different layouts, styles, and ways to lock and unlock your device. The interesting thing is that it has a feature to take selfies from people who try to use your smartphone without permission, so you’ll always know who tried can download it right now through the link!

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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