How to record calls with Truecaller

We have to record important calls sometimes, which we can use legally. Many smartphones do not have call recording features. In this case popular Caller ID App Truecaller has recently added the In-App Call recording feature for Android users. This feature has been rolled out to users some time ago. However, this feature is available for premium users of Truecaller. For this, you have to make an annual payment of Rs 449. You can use this feature for free on trial basis for 14 days. Let’s know how you can use this feature.

How to record calls on Truecaller

First step

Firstly, install your Truecaller app’s latest version 9.13.7 or above. After this log in with your login ID. If you do not have a log-in ID for a true-caller, then you need to create a new ID with your e-mail ID and phone number.

Second step

Go to the true-screen home screen and tap on the hamburger menu on the left side. After this you will see a call recording feature, tap on it.

Third step

On the Hamburger option, you will see the option of Start Trial (if you are not a Premium user). After this you select the term of usage and permissions of recording. After this, you can keep the recorded calls in your internal storage.

Fourth step

After this you will need to tap View Recording Settings on the next screen. For this you have to select one of the auto or manual modes. When you select Auto mode, any call will start recording automatically. At the same time, if you select manual mode, a small call recording button will appear on your screen, which you can select manually during the call.

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