How to check your CIBIL credit score on WhatsApp for free

Good credit score matters a lot in today’s time. It releases by the institution named CIBIL. Because it is released by CIBIL, it is also called CIBIL score. Good credit score helps you get a loan. It is a three digit score and it ranges from 300 to 900. It is based on consumer credit history. For this, CIBIL collects the credit data of the consumer from the financial institutions and determines the credit score on the basis of that data.

To get credit report till now, you used to pay 500 rupees to CIBIL, but now you can know your cibil score on WhatsApp also. A startup named Wishfin has dealt with CIBIL to launch the service called ‘WhatsApp for Credit Score’. With its help, you can now know your CIBIL score in free of charge on whatsapp. Here we are telling you step by step method of checking the Cibil score on WhatsApp.

Follow these steps:

Steps Procedure
step 1 First, give a missed call to your mobile number at 8287151151. By doing so, your number will be added to a Whatsapp chat.
Step 2 Now you will be asked to enter the mobile number, your name, date of birth and gender one by one.
Step 3 In this phase you will have to enter your PAN number. (Wishf has given you the confidence to keep your details safe.)
Step 4 You will now have to enter your Residential Address. This should be the same address that you shared with your bank.
Step 5 In this step you have to enter your current city, state and pin code.
Step 6 At the end you have to enter your email ID.
Step 7 After following these steps, a one time password will be sent to your registered mobile and email id.
Step 8 Now you have to enter this OTP on the chat too.
Step 9 After doing so, you will be able to see your year-long CIBIL score in chat.
Step 10 After the process is completed, you will be automatically removed from the group so that your details will be safe.

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