PUBG Mobile: Guide to use the Weapon Grips

PUBG Mobile Some people can look like a game in which people are just shooting by landing on the island, but this game is more than that. This game requires strategies to play. Where you have to go, how to move forward, choose the right weapon and the most important thing is to have the right attachment in your guns. Maybe you choose the right place to land, you get the right guns, that’s your shooting skills too good, but if you have the right attachment with guns, you definitely get a plus point against your resistance. goes.

Gun attachments include sites, grips, magazines, stocks, etc. Some players ignore it, so some players know how important it is to win the right attachment game. Today we will tell you about these attachments. If you did not know about them till now, then from today you can also learn to use it and stay one step ahead of the game.

PUBG Mobile How to Win Game With the Help Of The Weapon Grips, Read In

Vertical Grip: It comes handy to reduce grip verbal recoil. This means that you have to attach this grip to M762 or Tommy Gun. This is the only grip that can be attached with Tommy Gun. It turns females into reducing vertical recoil, but horizontal recoil does not work so much, so it is a little less work in the game.

Half grip: It may look a bit useless or without work, but it works best when you need something that comes in the recoil recovery. This does not help in reducing the recoil, so use it only with stable wean. You can use half-grip with AUG A3, UMP9, and Vector.

Thumb grip: In addition to giving stability to your Weapon, it also reduces the timeframe for opening an ADS or scope. Thumb grip also reduces Rico to some extent. Most players prefer vertical grips. This grip is good in this case, especially when you are using scoped guns.

Angled grip: This grip works best on SMG and AR Weapons. This helps reduce horizontal recoil. It also offers good ADS speed. Keep in mind that you will not get too much Weapon sadness in this grip.

Light grip: This grip works best when using guns in single shot mode. Light Grip works best with UMP9 or Vector. It also gets very good Weapon stability. However, in the case of Reiki, this is not so good, so do not use it in short range combat.

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