3 applications to use your Android phone as a magnifying glass

With the help of some Google Play apps, you can turn your phone into a handy magnifying glass to see small items or read something more easily. Check out!

When trying to read something that has very small letters or to see a detail closely, you must have used a magnifying glass to see the details. However, nowadays, this is an item that is no longer so popular, and there are some options to replace it.

One of these items, for example, is for your own cell phone, which you carry everywhere and can be used as a magnifying glass to see everything in the smallest details. However, while being a really useful item, cell phones do not come with a native function for this. So, check out below how to use your cell phone as a magnifying glass.


To work properly, the programs listed below may ask you to access your camera phone and your files to save the images obtained with the magnifying glass feature.

How to Use Your Magnifying Glass Phone

As mentioned above, Android does not provide an option for you to use your magnifying glass, and in Google Play there are several alternatives to meet this type of task. Check out this list of Techkhiladi with the top 3 applications of Android magnifying glass.

Magnifier + Flashlight

One of the most popular Google Play options is the Magnifier+Flashlight, which can bring good features to use the phone as a magnifying glass and a flashlight. Its outstanding functions are because it can save the images with zoom and even rotate them in real time, ideal for cases of trying to increase the size of something that may be upside down.

Magnifying Glass – Magnifying Glass

The second application on this list has an interface very similar to the one listed above. Its emphasis is on a way to view the images in a negative, which is interesting for some situations in which you can not see something with the normal illumination of the environment. To use it, on your home screen, simply touch “Magnifier”.

Magnifier + Camera

The last application on this list is very simple, but its prominence ends up being due to its control of lighting. In addition to being able to use the flash as a flashlight to illuminate what you are trying to focus on, you can also control the illumination of the image, which makes it useful especially when checking something in a very light or dark place.

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