Paytm users should know these three things before sending Money

Payments App PayTM has added some new features in recent days. We use PayTM for shopping, recharge, bill payments and other small purchases. Since the ban, there has been an increase in the number of people who do PayTM and digital transactions. Let’s tell you about some of the features of PayTM, which you need to know about.

Offline transaction

Users can now send money to even without the Internet. The company has recently announced the introduction of the PayTM Tap Card for it. With the help of this technique, offline payment can also be done. Through this tap cards, fully secured digital transactions can be done in NFC POS Terminus in a second. This can be done by checking the QR code printed on this tap card in any POS or add value machine and add money to your PayTM account. This will not require internet.

Money will also be able to transfer by voice

PayTM has started a special kind of service for iPhone users. In this, users can send money from PayTM via Siri (Artificial Intelligence Based Voice Assistance) in their iPhone. For this, you have to say Siri in your iPhone and you must give voice commands. PayTM recently rollout these updates for iPhone users. Users will not have to open the PayTM App as soon as this new feature is enabled. Additionally, users can send money to any user in their contact list via voice command.

Wrong transaction will have money back

If you have accidentally transferred money to any other user to your account or someone has stolen money from your wallet, then your money will be recovered from PayTM. For this, you have to follow the two easy steps given below.

Step 1: You will have to click on the Help and Support option using the PayTM App and go to the profile section and then choose Privacy and Security option.

Step 2: After this, you have to go through the ‘Unauthorized transaction or money transfer from paytm wallet’ and give the complete details. After this PayTM will contact you and take action to withdraw your money.

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