5 Best emulators for PC to run Android apps and games

An Android emulator is a program used to simulate the experience of running Google’s mobile operating system, or applications made for it, inside another computer system, such as Windows, for example.

Android has many unique apps and games, which do not have versions for other platforms. If your phone does not handle the message or you do not have a device with the Google platform, an interesting alternative is to run an Android emulator on Windows.

Next, check out this Techkhiladi selection with the best Android emulators for Windows. In it, you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of each application to know which one best applies to your need.

MEMU is one of the most current emulators. Despite having the old version 5.1 of the Google system, it can run most of the current applications and continues to receive constant updates from its developers.

Due to the development time, the program is in an advanced stage and has few bugs and great compatibility with various Android apps. Anyone who is looking to play games can also use it since MEMU even has profiles of predefined controls for games of certain styles. While not difficult to use, the application requires an initial setup to work. It asks for a model of apparatus to be used and the amount of memory destined for emulation.

A newcomer in the programs of this category, this emulator has been considered the best option to run Android games on the computer. Its configuration is easy and it has two profiles: one for computers with modest configurations and one for more powerful machines.

One of the good points of the program is that it already comes with root enabled, making it an ideal option for anyone who needs to make more complex changes to Android. If you need to disable it, the process can be done easily within the program settings.

The downside of the program goes to applications pre-installed inside Android and also to some advertisements of it, but that is not invasive at all.


This Android emulator is more accessible than the other options. Soon after installation, it lacks complex configurations and is ready for use. One of its attractions is the integration with Windows, such as the APK files that associate with it for easy installation. The version of Android emulated on it is Nougat (7.0).

Widely used to run games, the disadvantage of this program is the amount of processing it requires and the advertisements displayed on it.

Remix OS Player

The last of the options offer an Android different from what you are used to seeing on mobile phones. Here, Google’s system is modified for use on PCs, so its usability seems more natural than in the other options where you’re emulating touch touches.

Because of these adaptations, this player is suitable for anyone who wants to use Android applications. Even if it’s for gaming, you’ll notice some slowness in heavy titles. Another disadvantage of this app is that it has not been updated for some time. Still, it’s worth a try; it brings a unique experience and still caters to the use of the main applications of the moment.

Android Studio

It is not exactly an emulator, but it can work as one. Android Studio is a fundamental tool for developers to test their creations on Android and is the only software of the type for Windows with official Google support.

Although the interface is a bit complex for those who do not understand development, Android Studio can run various applications of the Google system on Windows, thus functioning as a powerful Android emulator for PCs.

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