Nokia will revolutionize smartphone batteries with new technology!

The evolution of smartphone technology continues to grow exponentially. However, the battery segment is having difficulty maintaining a growth capable of following the new technologies.

Nokia has revealed that it has been able to develop a new technology that will allow the batteries to offer up to 2.5x more autonomy when compared to the performance shown by the batteries currently used.

Batteries remain the new technology of smartphones

Currently, the solution found by manufacturers focuses on fast charging capabilities, rather than increasing battery life. Clearly, this is a solution that will be very limited in the near future, and that the needs of users are not presented as a practical solution.

It is true that the new fast-charging technologies allow you to complete a charging cycle in less than 1 hour. However, this possibility can not fully compensate for the reduced autonomy presented by most smartphones.

In order to get the most out of our smartphones, they need to be able to offer much more autonomy. That’s exactly what Nokia intends to offer this new technology.

Nokia promises more than double the battery life with new technology

According to information published by Nokia, this new technology will allow doubling the amount of energy of a battery, without changing its size and weight. In this way, they will be able to offer impressive autonomy, fulfilling all the requirements of the most varied gadgets.

The patent application for this new technology has already been sent. Nokia has confirmed that it already has plans to bring this technology to market in the future, however, possible date of arrival has not been revealed.

New technology goes hand in hand with the new 5G networks

During the presentation of this technology, they revealed that it will have a great impact on the most varied devices that use the new 5G networks. The applications are virtually unlimited and can be used in gadgets, IoT (Internet of Things) products, smartphones, drones, etc.

The ability to create batteries that can deliver a greater amount of energy in the same “physical space” can revolutionize the design of products in several segments.

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