How to make video or birthday card in Facebook Stories

Facebook has announced a new feature intended to honor its birthday friends. Now you can post a birthday card or video on Facebook Stories.

Facebook is much used by people who want to connect with friends and celebrate important moments like birthdays. And now the world’s largest social network has launched a very useful feature in this regard, which is birthday stories-a way for friends, family and everyone in your community to add birthday cards, digital photos or videos to a story they celebrate the big day.

The result is a visual, memorable, interactive and fun happy birthday message-its like receiving a personalized birthday card from everyone you care about, no matter where they are in the world.

500 million people use Facebook Stories every day. This community has shown us just how creative and thoughtful our friends can be there you see a series of funny, cute and clever pictures. You can now watch videos reminding of past birthdays together. Sharing these photos, videos and keepsakes can make the birthday even more special.

How to see the birthday of the day on Facebook?

To find out who’s birthday today, go to Birthdays by going to Menu> Events> Calendar> Birthdays  (or click this link to be directed to the page). Then choose the date, and a new page will open with the list of friends who are birthday today.

How to make video or birthday card in Facebook Stories

  1. Simply touch the birthday notification, upload or shoot a short photo or video, or even use an existing digital birthday card on Facebook.
  2. You will see a card written “Birthday of <person name>”.
  3. Press the “Tap to change” button to change the birthday card background.
  4. To write a text, touch the caption “Congratulate the <person name>”.
  5. You can also add a music sticker to give your stories a “Happy Birthday” soundtrack.
  6. Once done, your card will be added to your friend’s birthday stories by creating a personalized slide show for him.

Birthday reminders remain one of the few reasons most people are still stuck with Facebook. Being warned about a friend’s birthday on the social network is one reason why relationships do not disintegrate you do not need to memorize a friend’s date of birth, as you constantly receive reminders from Facebook.

Now, Facebook has given us one more reason to want to send beautiful birthday messages to friends and loved ones. You are no longer stuck in the old ways of doing things the creativity is now part of paying homage to a friend and celebrating his birthday.

Other news from Facebook

In other Facebook news, the social networking giant is testing the Trending Stickers section. The information was released by Manchun Jane Wong on her Twitter page. Users will be able to react to trends with different stickers.

As usual, at first this is a rumor; but most of the information revealed by Wong has come to fruition and we do not expect this time to be any different. We may not have any official announcement on this from Facebook, but we expect an update soon.

Facebook also recently added a set of Call to Action [CTA] stickers for Pages. The stickers will allow companies to make more effective use of stories through direct response tools. The buttons reflect the CTA options in the main Business Pages header.

Now, page owners can make viewers available the “Buy Now”, “Get Directions” or “Reserve” buttons directly from the story feed.

It’s a big problem for businesses; especially those who consider the option of using stories as a digital marketing process. Regardless of how young the Facebook stories are still, and considering the fact that Instagram offers a better option, companies may choose to use Facebook because of their potential.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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