How to make bot on Discord

Creating a bot in Discord is useful to improve the application and add extra features. Discord allows gamers to communicate while playing, is available for free available in the Web versionWindows PC and macOS, in addition to having a mobile version with Android or iPhone ( iOS ).

In discord create bots and add them to a server so that they can perform actions and interact with other members. In this following tutorial, we will see step by step of how to create a new bot and add it in Discord chat.

How to create bot on Discord

Step 1. Go to Discord Developers. If you are already logged into your Discord account, the screen below will appear. If not, login is required. Then Click on the “New Application” button (top right).

How to make bot on Discord 1

Step 2. In the new window, name the bot you want to create and press the “Create” button.

How to make bot on Discord 2

Step 3. On the new screen, select “Bot” from the menu on the left, with the created app already selected. Then click on “Add Bot”. In the confirmation window, choose “Yes, do it!” if you want to continue.

How to make bot on Discord 3

Step 4. The message “A wild bot has appeared!“, With a green background, confirms the creation of the new bot. If you want other servers to be able to invite your bot, leave the “Public Bot” option checked. The other option can remain unchecked, unless your bot needs this type of authorization. If you’re not sure, leave it unchecked.

How to make bot on Discord 4

Step 5. Now, the most important part: clicking on “Click to Reveal Token” will reveal your bot’s token, which is basically the password to access it. The token is what allows you to create the schedule for the bot to perform actions. So don’t share this Token – otherwise, other people may have control over your bot. If you think your token has been revealed, use the “Regenerate” button to obtain another one.

How to make bot on Discord 5

Step 6. To send the bot to the server, select “OAuth2” from the menu on the left, scroll down and check the box written “bot“. Then, click “Copy” to copy the resulting URL. Below, it is also possible to choose the permissions that the bot will have to perform functions.

How to make bot on Discord 6

Step 7. Now, paste the copied URL in the address bar to be taken to the screen below, containing the name of the created bot (TechKhiladiBot, in the case of this tutorial) and the menu with the server options. Press the “Authorize” button and the bot will be added to the server.

How to make bot on Discord 7

Step 8. When you open the server again, the bot will already be part of the list of members.

How to make bot on Discord 8

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