Learn to program in Java and leverage your career

A good programmer needs to master one or more programming languages to succeed in his career. It is useless to learn about other subjects and neglect the knowledge of those that are the basis for the development of programs, apps and systems.

When faced with this reality, new professionals always have a question at the tip of the tongue: after all, which programming language to learn first? It is good to make it clear right away that there is no ready answer for this. Depending on the case (or the person), there will be a different recommendation.

However, one thing is certain: the Java programming language is certainly a good learning alternative. In this article, you will understand why you need to learn Java to jumpstart your career and see some good reasons to do so. Check out.

Java is everywhere

One of the most well-known and complete programming languages, Java is almost everywhere. It is used to create games, computer programs, operating systems, automotive systems, home automation, industrial machines and more. Almost everywhere there is a device running Java.

The Android operating system, dominant in the category, has its base of development in Java, which shows the relevance of this language. So, theoretically, there is no lack of opportunity to work in this area.

Learning Java is easy

Contrary to what many may think, learning Java is relatively easy – and that’s one of the main reasons to consider it in your resume. If you have a steep learning curve with slow acquisition, it can be difficult to get results in a short period of time with another language.

When studying Java, the fluent English syntax makes it much easier to read programs and learn quickly. So, as you become familiar with the initial hurdles in installing the JDK and creating paths, writing programs in Java becomes pretty easy.

Community support

Being part of a community can help a beginner in many ways. Taking questions, solving complications and learning from the most experienced is essential for anyone thinking about programming in Java. There are communities to support beginners, advanced developers and even experts, in which the exchange of information is fostered as a permanent habit of users.

Great tools and large library collection

Tools like Eclipse and NetBeans have played a key role in making Java one of the best programming languages out there. Coding in your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is extremely pleasant, especially if you have already coded in DOS Editor or Notepad.

Open source libraries ensure that Java can be used anywhere. Apache, Google and other organizations have contributed and continue to contribute to large libraries, making Java development easier, faster and more economical.

Are you interested in learning Java? So get ready to know some opportunities that we set aside for you and that are part of Udemy.

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