Install this add on to make New Launcher even more beatiful

Do you have the New Launcher? So you really have to install this app to have Google Discovery on the left side of the main screen. Google Discovery gives you all the news that is most relevant to you. What’s more, give yourself the temperature, airline tickets or game results of your team.

Everything and anything else. The app comes initially with all Google Pixel but has to be installed separately on any other launcher.

So does the New Launcher. It’s not enough to have the New Launcher. You also need to install Google Discovery separately. The installation is simple and fast and you will instantly get the news that is most relevant to you in the left corner of your smartphone.

Note that Google Discovery learns from you. That is, if you are seeing news of Xiaomi Mi 9, the application begins to refer you more news on the subject.

How to install Google Discovery in the New Launcher

First, make sure you have the New Launcher in the last update. Then go to the icon below and download the APK. This is an APK designed by the developers of the New Launcher, so it is safe. The feature is not in New in the Google Play Store because Google does not allow it to do so. You know why.

Download the Google Discovery app here

After clicking the link you will be taken to Drive. Connect to Wi-Fi and click download. Soon after, it goes to the notification that says “Downloaded” and installs the application. You may need to give Drive permission to install APK.

Finally, click the “next” and “install” and you are done. When you re-enter the New Launcher, scroll to the left side of the home page and you will see Google Discovery.

If you still do not get active, go to the launcher settings by clicking an empty space on the home page. Follows interactions and activates Google Discovery. Simple, fast and functional.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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