Google Gmail brings scheduled emails and smart replies even more smarter

Google Gmail finally brought in today’s update (even if it sounds like bullshit, is not) expected updates to users. It has long been said that Google would bring these improvements to the email service and finally arrived.

First, we have the possibility to schedule the emails. Past information stated that the Mountain View company would give the option to send emails with dates up to 50 years, well, that will happen.

The second novelty is the smart compose. This new feature is already being implemented for some time but only now it is in the final implementation.

Google Gmail receives Smart Replies and email scheduling

Google Artificial Intelligence will give you possible words to help build email faster. Something similar to what we have in GBoard or keyboards that give you predictions of the next word. Smart Compose will arrive in, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Both features have been announced officially today, however, their integration will be gradual. That is, no matter how hard you try to schedule an email to send me in the future, something is still not possible.

Scheduling functionality is one of the most relevant features that Google has remembered to offer. How many times have I wanted to send an email to a company but did not want it to be in the “weekend box” so I get up early on Monday to send it? Well, the new functionality will no longer need such an effort. Just build the email and indicate that I want you to send it by Monday morning.

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