How to Install Android 9 Pie on your PC using Bliss OS

There are many emulators for PC to run Android but, more often than not, as well as allowing the use of Android on PC also insert many advertisements and spam in the computer making some times the use of Android on a computer difficult. Bliss OS is an open source project that allows you to install Android 9 Pie on PC and to use Android 9 app on your computer.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on your PC using Bliss OS

Bliss OS is stable and can be installed on your computer without being afraid of carrying viruses, malware, advertising and spam. The installation file .ISO can be downloaded directly from the XDA forum and, once the installation disk is finished, you can put Android 9 Pie on your PC.

How to put Android 9 Pie on computers

Download the ISO file that contains Bliss OS, from the previous website
Use software such as Rufus to install this ISO on a USB stick
Disable all BIOS or Windows options that indicate a safe boot, such as Secure Boot and Bitlocker
Start the computer from the USB stick
Test Bliss OS Live running from USB, without installing it on the PC
Once verified that there are no problems, you can install it on your computer, to use it without the need for a pendrive.

Note that there are some versions depending on the beta version or the type of USB stick you use, so check the version you need to download.

Bliss OS allows you to run all the apps compatible with Android 9 Pie on PC and even to sync them with the mobile version.

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