How to clean the screen and keyboard of the notebook or Mac

How to clean the screen and keyboard of your notebook or Mac? It is a pertinent question, since we use our computers every day, but we rarely stop to clean them or not. Here we will show how you can properly sanitize your computer and rid it of dirt or finger marks.

How to clean the screen and keyboard of the notebook or Mac

Disable keyboard before starting

If you do not want to turn off the computer, you can disable the notebook’s keyboard to avoid sending commands or unwanted messages to your friends. To do this, simply follow the tutorial on how to disable the notebook or Mac keyboard or mouse.

How to clean the screen and keyboard of the notebook or Mac

With your notebook turned off or the keyboard disabled, you will need some special items for cleaning. The main one is isopropyl alcohol, most suitable for contact with electronics; if you do not have it, you can use a regular alcohol or gel, but use less product and be careful not to come in contact with internal components.

Another important component is a dry and clean microfiber or cotton cloth, plus a cotton swab to scrub localized or smaller spots where one cloth is not enough. With these materials in hand, follow the steps below:

  • Decrease brightness or turn off your notebook screen to see better fingerprints and other dirt;
  • Wipe the cloth with alcohol lightly in a circular motion until the dirt and fingerprints disappear;
  • On the keyboard and chassis of the notebook, run the cloth across the area by wiping at localized points;
  • Remember to wipe the cloth over each key and rub any spots with grease or dirt;
  • Take the swab, sprinkle a little alcohol and rub between the keys or at localized points;
  • Remember to wipe cloth on the notebook cover and the bottom.

Ready! Now your notebook is much cleaner, right? Remember to turn the computer on again to be able to use it and repeat the entire process at least once a week to avoid accumulating dirt on your beloved notebook.

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