Instagram will now have ads on the ‘Explore’ page

The Explore page is one of the few Instagram sites where there are no ads yet. This will change over the next few months, as Instagram announced that this page will also start advertising.

In the official statement, Instagram says that it will begin to introduce the ads in the “Explore few and discreet in the next months”. After the homepage and the Stories, the ads will also arrive on the Explore page of the social network.

How ads will work on Explore

Judging by the images shared by Instagram, they will work in exactly the same way as the home page. That is, you will see the indication that certain content is sponsored, and you will have the option to “Buy Now” in some of these cases.

Instagram will now have ads on the 'Explore' page

Something not yet known is whether the ads on Explore will try to appeal to your tastes. Given that this is a menu in which we see what is “trend”, may also be the driving line for the ads shown.

50% of Instagram users use Explore at least once a month

As it already happens, you can ask Instagram not to show you certain ads if you find them inappropriate. However, you will have no way to avoid publicity altogether. According to Instagram, 50 percent of users use the Explore at least once a month.

For all those who use Explora, they will certainly be displeased at an early stage. But just like on the homepage and Stories, Facebook seems to want to monetize the platform to its fullest.

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