Increase followers on Instagram: 10 practical working tips

There are many ways to improve your Instagram profile and try not only to increase followers on Instagram but also like and comments. In the past we have already talked about the best Instagram app to succeed in this intent and today we want to show you the secrets of success on Instagram by revealing some strategies and techniques that will lead you to improve the engagement of your profile.

In fact, what is really important in addition to increasing Instagram followers is to have a great engagement (ie the relationship between your Instagram followers and the interactions with your profile).

Below I have collected 10 simple rules to follow for you in order to succeed on Instagram and thus succeed in increasing the number of true followers who will choose to follow your profile.

1. Captivating biography and no private profile

It may seem trivial but the first impact is important: those who visit your Instagram profile must be impressed by both the content and your biography. For this reason I recommend you make the most of this space by playing with the right Instagram hashtags and Emoji. In a few simple words describe who you are, your passions, your nationality and if you have a website do not forget to enter the link to your site as well as an email for contacts.

Important: the profile image must be well realized and immediately show who you are, perhaps in the foreground, while if you have a company profile or brand I suggest you insert your company logo.

Also avoid having a private Instagram profile: you will hardly be followed if you have a private profile because nobody can visit it and see the photos you share if you do not accept the request. Indeed, the advice is not only to have a public profile but perhaps create an Instagram business profile that brings many more benefits (in terms of control over statistics and profile activity).

2. Connect Facebook and other social networks

Another way to increase your visibility and increase followers on Instagram is to link your account to other social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.). Doing it is simple: from Instagram go in your profile and in the settings go to the item “Linked accounts” and at this point access to all the social networks to which you are subscribed.

Having multiple accounts connected will allow you to share all your Instagram posts on all other social media and greatly increase the visibility (if you want to do it, because when publishing a content you can also decide to publish it on other social networks also)!

3. Create a style

Now that you have set your biography well, it is time to introduce yourself to it. Answer this simple question: why should anyone follow me? If you only put personal photos of what you do in the daily life, it is difficult for anyone to interest you (as long as you are not a VIP or known person). You have to try to distinguish yourself in something, or better still accustom your Instagram followers to a style you have.

In my case, for some time I have chosen to share mainly technology content and all the people who follow me expect the majority of technology photos and videos from me. Of course, sometimes you can make an exception to the rule and above all you have to be yourself: users will appreciate.

However,  it is not enough to share photos on Instagram or videos to have followers: there are some precious rules to put into practice every time you publish a content on Instagram.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Publish only original photos: do not copy or steal photos elsewhere by splitting them for yours. In addition to wasting time you could then be discovered by users who will “turn the voice” and you will find yourself to be not credible. Try to always publish your original content and if you really want to reshare photos or videos of other Instagram profiles then the technique to follow is that of the Instagram repost. Never share photos and videos taken from the Internet or Google because they are not your bag’s flour.
  • Filters: do not abuse Instagram filters. People often love natural photos or, if you want to create your own style, always use the same type of filter. In this way your followers will immediately recognize your photos with the style you have impressed.
  • Capture your attention: when you publish an Instagram image, always try to capture a shot that is as particular as possible, that arouses interest and that may seem really “cool”!
  • Add the location: especially if you share photos of places or landscapes, do not forget to set the location. Doing so is important for one simple reason: if someone is looking for photos related to that specific area on Instagram, they could find your picture and end up on your profile (and then start following you).
  • Involve users with the caption: when you have to describe the picture with a sentence, try to engage users by asking them a question. For example, if you share a photo of your iPhone you might ask “how beautiful is my iPhone, right? Do you use the iPhone or an Android smartphone?”. In this way you will encourage the user to comment and interact with you. Instagram allows you to write a caption of 2,200 characters but you are far less: just remember that when you browse the feed, Instagram shows only the first 3 lines for each shared content. So if you catch your attention in the first 3 lines you have done bingo.
  • Tagged: pay attention to this paragraph, use the tips with caution because it can become a double edged sword. When you share an image on Instagram, you tag other profiles related to that image: in this way you will capture their attention and you can receive likes or comments. Better still if you tag Instagram profiles that act as repost: in this case the page will share your image (quoting in the description) and you will have more chances that someone read the caption and click on your profile out of curiosity.
  • Hashtag: they are fundamental. Without Hashtags on Instagram you can not grow. Hashtags allow you to reach to a wide range of users in a very short interval of time.

4. Use the right Hashtag Instagram

Instagram hashtags are tags that attribute value and meaning to your posts. They are, in a way, the key to bringing your content all over the world. You are free to invent new hashtags but, nevertheless, there are some very famous ones that should never be missing in one of your posts!

Usually on Instagram there is a very simple rule:

  • Proper HASHTAG = greater visibility

and of course greater visibility also means greater interactions (ie more likes, comments, followers, rescues). So, always try to use only hashtags related to the content of the photo to ensure that your post is well indexed.

In 2018  Instagram updated its algorithms. You can use up to 30 maximum hashtags for each content but the advice is to reduce the number to a maximum of 15 hashtags per photo/video. Furthermore, it is no longer advisable to insert the hashtags in the first comment because Instagram rewards the contents that have the hashtags in the caption of the photo or video. Finally, you should always just enter hasthtag Instagram related to the topic.

5. Become popular in hashtags

The new Instagram algorithm rewards those who can gain popularity in hashtags. To put it briefly it is not as effective as it used to add popular Instagram hashtags (eg # like4like or #picoftheday) and not even reach 30 hashtags per post. The right strategy is:

  • use 15 hashtags to content;
  • use hashtags of media popularity and related to the theme;
  • experiment with new hashtags every day (without always using the same ones).

6. Choose the right time to post photos and videos

It will seem trivial but it is a mistake often made by many Instagram users: choosing when to publish a photo or video is important. But not fundamental. There is no better time than another, but there is a schedule where your Instagram followers are more active than other times.

You can analyze this data and discover the activity time of your Instagram followers using the Instagram Insights option but to enable it you will have to convert your profile into an Instagram company profile. If you want there are also many ways to program Instagram post so you do not always have to be with the phone in your hand to share images or videos.

7. Ask questions to your followers

To increase followers on Instagram you need to “be present” and stimulate your community to interact with their own content. Each of your posts must try to create comments, debates, thoughts, speeches and of course you will always have to be ready to react with comments and explanations.

Mechanisms of this kind create a certain affection in the public that, most likely, will return to visit your page.

But you too, you must not be outdone and comment on posts on other influential pages on Instagram. Pages that maybe, promote products or services similar to yours.

In this way a sort of competitiveness (or friendship) is established which inevitably leads to publicity! And the followers of the profile you comment on will also notice you and could, therefore, follow you too.

8. Comment and put like photos of others

An unwritten rule of Instagram says textually: “I’m putting a like on your picture, in exchange he becomes my follower!”. Strange but true, it often works just like that! The advice is therefore to carefully choose where to put your like, in the hope that that profile becomes your follower. Often we use to put a like on the picture of profiles that advertise a product similar to yours, which describe a similar lifestyle, which fall into our interests!

Do the same with comments: go to the profiles of your “likes” and try to respond to comments or questions that other followers pose, so you will be noticed and it will be easier for you to get a follow-up in return.

9. Constance

One of the secrets of success to increase Instagram followers is to be constant: share photos and videos every day, take great advantage of Instagram stories and always remember to put likes and comments on the photos of others. Constance will please your Instagram followers and you will be rewarded.

10. Things you never do!

Buy Likes

It is no secret that one of the most effective strategies is to buy the Like. Just think that in many countries there are real distributors of Like for Instagram! But how and where do you buy the like? Among the many sites that you can find on Google we can mention for example Seoclerks, in the Social-Networks category where you can look for packages of Like for a few dollars.

Once you find the site and the package that’s right for you, you just have to buy it and get in touch with the seller.

Usually you will be asked to provide your Instagram username for the “delivery” of the purchased followers. Always remember to inform yourself and choose safe payment methods (credit card, PayPal).

Do not use bots

In addition to purchasing follower packages, many users have turned to Instagram bots to increase their popularity. As already said, it is a little useful and risky strategy: you may find yourself following people who are not even interested in you and you risk having followers who are not really interested in your content either.

Final advice

Do not follow a profile hoping that it will replace and then remove the follow: it is a strategy that makes your image dirty. Use the Instagram stories to inform your users about upcoming news, what you are doing at a certain moment, ask them questions and also take advantage of the Instagram live to talk about “person” occasionally with them.

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