Disable video autoplay on YouTube on android

To search for a video on the internet, the first site that comes to mind is YouTube, which has several content creators for a variety of subjects. By navigating the platform a little, the site or your app starts displaying on your homepage videos that may be based on your interest, taking into account the searches you have performed within it.

While trying to put some content relevant to you, this is not always the case in practice. And this week the YouTube mobile app with Android has implemented a controversial feature that automatically plays back the videos that are present on your home screen. The good news is that this option can be disabled. Here’s how to disable auto-play of videos within YouTube:

  1. Open the YouTube app and press the icon that represents your account;
  2. Enter “Settings” and enter the “Auto Play” option;
  3. Now touch the “Autoplay on the Home tab” and select “Off”;
  4. Restart the application.

After the adjustment, the videos that appear on your home screen will return to normal and remain static until you decide to play them. By default, this option is coming automatically enabled only for Wi-Fi networks, but it can be cumbersome especially on modestly configured phones.

Another tip is to not enable the “Always on” option. By doing this, even though you are in the carrier data plan, the videos will start autoplay and this can be very damaging to your data franchise.

Ready! With this disabled setting seen above, you will not be at risk of starting unwanted or unwanted video playback within the YouTube mobile phones service. For the moment, during the tests conducted by Techkhiladi, this option was only found on devices with Android, but it should also reach the iPhone in the coming weeks, as it is highlighted in the official YouTube forum and on Twitter.

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